Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Obama on Libya

President Obama gave an excellent speech last night. His base will not like it but Obama is convincing and most will give him the benefit of the doubt. Conservatives that have been calling him weak on National Security since 2008 will struggle to take a position on this. You can expect to see a far less than a unified approach to this from the Republican Party. Although in characteristic non partisan fashion, John McCain, my favourite Republican did praise the President's speech. Watch Obama speaking below.


Anonymous said...

Good morning,
I missed the President's speech last night but he said what I expected. From what I can see he is a deliberate person who takes the time to do things right. I sure hope I am right.
The situation there holds so much potential danger and hope.
That's a doozy of a word verification you have today. Who dreams this stuff up?

Ted Leddy said...

Hi Jenny

Well said, a lot more than the political future of Libya depends on how Obama handles this. If it is handled well, the message will be clear, the days of the mad middle eastern dictators are coming to an end and reform will continue throughout the region. If it is handled badly, Gadaffi will survive and we can expect more Lockerbie style attacks. Or if it handled very badly, we could see extremists fill the vacume left by the dictatorships.

You're not the first person to mention to very weird word verification process. And it doesn't even work, I get plenty of spam comments.