Monday, April 11, 2011

Goldstone Report Invalid

I can't help noticing how this story has been spectacularly under reported over the last week. Richard Goldstone, the South African judge who led the UN investigation into alleged war crimes committed during Israels war with Hamas during December and January 2008-09, has announced that his report, which accused Israel of intentionally targeting innocent civilians should be nullified. Goldstone has declared that he would not stand by that particular accusation as a result of new information that has come to light following an internal Israeli investigation. This should be an even bigger story in light of the escalation in violence that we have seen in recent days. But surprisingly (or perhaps not) the media and the left are silent. I have very little time for anyone, on any side of the political spectrum who ignores information that does not sit well with them. The Israel bashers who are committed to blaming Israel for everything and deligitimizing it in every conceivable way are the worst offenders in this regard.


thesystemworks said...

The Irish Times was bizarrely the only Irish newspaper that gave attention to Goldstone's effective retraction.

Queue Twilight Zone theme.

Anonymous said...

Harsh analysis Ted, but you may be on to something here


Gary said...


Good to see you back. You make a good point but I don't think we should be too surprised by this display of bias.

There are two things which have caught my attention n resent days. Israel has finally increased it's response to the rocket attacks from Gaza, making it increasingly dangerous for Hamas. And second, Hamas appears to be having internal problems, displaying a lack of control over several smaller "splinter" groups which are ignoring orders from above to halt the mortar and rocket attacks.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Ted,
I noticed a similar lack of response, from everybody. It's as if he didn't speak at all.

Ted Leddy said...


Yes, it was unlike the Irish Times to come to the defence of Israel. But I do enjoy its coverage of Mid Eastern Politics. I have been particularly impressed by Mary Fitzgeralds reporting from Egypt and Libya.

Ted Leddy said...


Thanks, but there should be no doubt that the under reporting of such a massive story, indicates a bias.

Ted Leddy said...

Thanks Gary,

In the past the PLO proved to be unreliable negotiating parters because of their indiscipline and inability to control splinter groups. It seems that Hamas are keen to display the opposite image. In the event of an agreement between Israel and Gaza, Hamas wants the world to know they will be able to enforce it. They have usually been quite good at this but the hammering they got in operation "Cast Lead" may have emboldened some of the even more radical groups in Gaza. Hence the tension you mentioned.

Ted Leddy said...


The fact that Israel conducts its wars responsibly and follows the rules, does not sit well with many in the media. Hence when this is exposed, there is silence in many quarters.

Robert J. Avrech said...

Goldstone's Op-Ed was first offered to the New York Times, where he had previously published two editorials critical of Israel.

The NYT rejected his apology.

Down the memory hole.

Not a big shocker.

Walter Duranty wrote a series of articles for the NYT reporting there was absolutely no famine in Stalin's Soviet Union.

This while 50 million were deliberately starved to death.

Duranty won the Pulizter Prize for his giddy reports on Stalin's paradise.

The NYT never returned the Pulitzer.

Ted Leddy said...


Thanks for your comment, always good to hear from you.

There is very little that is more nauseating than watching a liberal commentator make light of a despots brutality as Duranty clearly did. We have plenty of that type in Ireland too.

I do not know to what degree the NYT have covered Goldstones' retraction but the story did I'm sure make some high up individuals very uncomfortable.

Perhaps if the Israelis had cooperated with the UN investigation and disclosed the information that appears to exonerate the IDF earlier, then this whole messy affair might have been avoided. Perhaps !

builder man said...

I've only noticed this post recently.
Goldstone is Jewish.He came under intense attacks from the pro-Israel lobbies including threats to his family in South Africa.However he did NOT retract his findings and nor did the other three members of the commission. (See Haaratz 8/8/2011.)
For the unconvinced, listen to the IDF soldiers themselves in 'Breaking
the Silence' who confirm the atrocities by Israel in Gaza.