Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Libya, What now ?

This excellent ITV report from Misrata illustrates the lack of progress being made by NATO or rebel forces in Libya and the effect that this is having on civilians. I would highly recommend you view it.

An inconclusive and long lasting conflict is a real possibility in Libya. This would be disastrous for the Libyan people as the images from the Misrata siege clearly demonstrate. If this is to be avoided, if partition is an undesirable outcome then a decisive move is required by the allies. We all know what that would be but that would be exceeding the UN mandate authorising the no fly zone. And in any case I think assassination is just a bit taboo these days anyways. So a third option is required. I hope that the British, French and US secret services (my money is on the French DGSE) are making constant efforts to convince some of Gadaffis people to take him on. Otherwise, Misrata will be to this decade what Beirut was to the 80's.

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