Saturday, May 14, 2011


Blogger went down yesterday morning and three days worth of posts (for all blogger users) and comments disappeared. It was restored this morning but some comments were not recovered so apologies to Paul, Robert Avrech, Jenny, Gary Graybill and John (TSW) whose valuable contributions to recent posts were lost. Over the next week much of my posts will focus on the visits of Queen Elizabeth who quite unbelievably is making her first trip to the Republic of Ireland and Barack Obama who is making his first trip abroad since the slaying of Bin Laden. These visits (oh and David Cameron is coming too) have lead to the biggest security operation in the history of the state with 10,000 Gardai and army participating. Just for the record I am completely against these visits. Not for any ideological reason but because I live in Chapelizod, in an apartment literally about 300 meters away from the grounds of Farmleigh, where the Queen will be staying and about half a mile from the American embassy residence in the Phoenix Park where Obama will spend the night. My Parents and most of my friends live in Castleknock which is on the other corner of the Phoenix Park and I work in the city Center, which is at the far side of the Park. Since i travel into the city and to Castleknock several times daily I reckon there is no other person in the country likely to be more affected logistically by these visits than me. Ah well, on the plus side it will surely result in some fascinating photos for Gubu World.

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