Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lara Logan speaks of Cairo

Brilliant CNN foreign reporter Lara Logan has broken her silence regarding the horrific sexual attack which she was subjected to by a vicious mob while covering the anti government demonstrations which over thew Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak back in March. It is very disturbing to think that such attacks on female correspondents are not unique as she herself indicates because victims fear that their bosses will withdraw them from the field arguing that it is a job simply too dangerous for women. War reporting is an exceptionally dangerous job, one which I have been fascinated in for a long time and have read many books on. A war correspondent could of course be raped or murdered in any part of the world. But I have to say, it is not any part of the world where a female reporter could be subjected to such a monstrous sexual attack by a mob under the accusation of being a Jew. Viewer discretion advised.

I cannot display this video for some reason, to see it, copy and paste the following link


Robert J. Avrech said...


Good that you noticed the, um, Jew thingee.

Let us be clear: labeling Lara Logan a Jew and a Mossad agent was justification for the gang rape and most every atrocity in the Arab Muslim world.

Anonymous said...
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Ted Leddy said...


Wow, the mask really slipped with that last comment. It was more openly Jew hating than normal.

Anonymous said...

What? Referring to the 'claim' as Jewish propaganda is Jew hating? Do you mean they don't resort to tactics like that. Wow, your bias certainly shows itself Ted.

Paul said...

I'm being to get a whiff of Liam Egan with recent comments by anonymous on these pages, am I being unfair?

Anonymous said...

So Ted, are you saying propaganda is not a tactic employed by Jews?

Ted Leddy said...

Anonymously Egan


I have litte interest in having this discussion with you.

But Yes, to claim that the Lara Logan incident is a Jewish concoction, similar to the holocaust is a racist statement motivated by hatred of the Jew.

Anonymous said...

Ah now you're just being a silly boyo. I asked if propaganda was a tactic employed by Jews, you've refused to answer. If it is, and IT IS, then it's entirely possible that the story of Logan is being exploited for propaganda purposes - much like, whether you agree or not, the so-called holocaust.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Anonymous is a grade-A wanker. No, the Jews don't use propaganda. If they did, I'd know. I'm a Jew. We don't run the media or control the world's money either. You can trust me on this because if we did wield such power, we'd have weeded out douchebags like you long ago.

thesystemworks said...

Reminds me of the old joke:

A Russian Jew approaches a Soviet official at the height of the Doctor's Plot and anti-Jewish paranoia.

'Tell me, comrade, is it true the Jews sold Russia?'

'Certainly' huffed the official.

'Oh good, can you please tell me where I can get my share'.

Anonymous said...

'No, the Jews don't use propaganda.''If they did, I'd know. I'm a Jew.' I wish all were obviously as thick as you - would bring about their much desired demise that little bit sooner :)