Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I was impressed by the Queens Speech in Dublin Castle this evening. Below is a clip. Check out the many notable faces in the crowd.

Unfortunately I will be offline for a few days. I am flying to Portugal tomorrow to attend a friends wedding on Friday. I will miss the rest of the Queens visit. I am however flying back into Dublin at about 10 am on Monday morning, at about the same time Air Force One will be touching down in Dublin Airport. I really hope I get a close up glimpse of that magnificent aircraft. Either way I will be heading straight into the city center on Monday to see Barack Obama and listen to his outdoor address. I will of course take many pictures and videos and post them all. I really am very excited about the whole thing. I do have one or two posts scheduled to appear in the next few days but it is unlikely I will be able to respond to comments but feel free to chat among yourselves (I sound like a teacher). I will not be using Twitter either as its two expensive to use abroad from my phone and I'm a bit of a cheapskate. Chat soon all !

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