Friday, June 24, 2011

70 Years Ago Today 24/6/41

Adolf Hitler has torn up the 1939 Nazi Soviet non aggression pact. Operation Barbarossa has begun.

USSR: It is two days since the world was stunned by the massive and spectacular invasion by Nazi Germany of the Soviet Union. Three million German soldiers invaded along a 1800 mile front stretching from the Baltic to the Back sea. It is already clear that it is a war like no other. It is an apocalyptic war of destruction by the fanatic Nazis, who believing that they have dealt sufficiently with the west, are now turning Eastward to eradicate their most hated enemy, which is communism, Bolshevism, the Slavic people and Judaism.

London: Addressing the British people Churchill announces that Britain will give all possible help to the USSR. Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden announces a formal Anglo Soviet mutual aid agreement.

Occupied Europe. The Nazis have appealed to anti communists throughout Europe to join with them in their fight against Stalin.

Helsinki: On this day 70 years ago Soviet planes bomb the Finnish capital. Finland announces its intention to restart the war with the Soviets that began in the winter of 1939 and ended with their defeat in the Spring of 1940. This time however, they will be fighting with the Germans.

Moscow; Joseph Stalin has been taken completely by surprise. Despite warnings from Churchill and his own spies in Germany, the Red Army were completely unprepared for the Nazi invasion. Stalin would move quickly to execute his military leaders in the west, skilfully deflecting attention away from his own inadequacies as a military leader.

The duel between Hitler and Stalin, would last four years and cost around 25 million lives.

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