Monday, June 13, 2011

Photo of the Day

I spent the weekend in Galway where I took several photos of interest. I will post one daily this week. There are two statues in Eyers Square at the heart of Galway City Center. One is of President John F. Kennedy who visited the square in 1963, the other (above) is of Irish patriot Liam Mellows. Liam Mellows was one of the few leading members of the Irish Volunteers who mobilised outside Dublin during Easter Week 1916. He led several skirmishes against crown forces in Galway. He was elected as a TD in the First underground Dail in 1919 representing Galway East and was a member of IRA GHQ during the 1919-21 War of Independence serving as Director of Supplies. He was staunchly opposed to the 1921 Anglo Irish Treaty and he led the Anti Treaty IRA into the Four Courts in April 1922. When the new Free State Army eventually shelled and captured the Four Courts, Mellows was captured. On the 7th of December, 1922, Pro Treaty Sinn Fein TD Sean Hales was shot dead by Anti treaty IRA outside the Dail. As a reprisal, and to make sure more pro Treaty TD's would not be targeted, four leading figures in the anti Treaty IRA were executed in what was clearly an illegal execution by any standards. Liam Mellows was on of the four. Certainly one of the darkest episodes since Irish Independence.

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