Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Photo of the Day

Another photo from Eyres Square Galway. This monument was erected after JFK visited Galway in 1963, a mere three months before his assassination in Dallas. Also while in Galway I had the pleasure of bumping into Yusuf, from the Galway Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Yusuf is an occasional commenter on Gubu World and the creator of the fine blog EireIslam which I would recommend people pay a visit to.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo. It's Flag Day here in the US, and also my parents' wedding anniversary.

Ted Leddy said...

Thanks Jenny

I hope you and your family enjoy the day.

Anonymous said...

Ahmadiyya aren't Muslim, they are a sect of deviants who believe their leader was Mary, the baby Jesus inside of Mary, Jesus himself and the mahdi. Only a fool could believe such gibberish, and surely after your encounter with Yusuf you know what a fool is! Kindly STOP trying to force your warped beliefs down people's throats. The WHOLE Muslim world rejects these people as being part of Islam, so who the hell are you to say otherwise?

Ted Leddy said...


I am not sure if you are adressing me or yusuf on the issue of Ahmadiyya legitimacy.

"Kindly STOP trying to force your warped beliefs down people's throats". Sure thing Liam !

Paul said...

'STOP trying to force your warped beliefs down people's throats'

Egan - Kettle calling the pot black you cupid stunt!

Anonymous said...

Leddy, Paul - Call me Egan, Kelly or even Bin Laden if it makes you happy but the fact remains, you seek to impose upon those who read this hate site the idea that the Ahmadiyya are Muslim - a notion that is both absurd given their heretical beliefs and insulting given their complete and utter rejection by over 1 BILLION Muslims worldwide.

You also support western imperialistic inroads upon Muslim lands and believe it is somehow the white man's right to determine who leads Muslims as a people.

The awakening that is occurring must be quite disconcerting for your type, your support of those who sought to overthrow our leaders has only brought about a determination to remove western interference, I have no doubt that Libya, Tunisia and elsewhere will yield similar fruit.

Yusuf said...

Liam your making a fool of yourself again. You have on more that one occasion made your hatred clear for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, even going as far as to say that Ahmadis should be killed. I can only describe people like you as emotionally disturbed. Your not going to convince anyone here. We all know you very well and the stuck record which is your bitter and hateful sentiment.