Friday, July 8, 2011

70 Years Ago Today 8/7/41

Cologne: 114 RAF Wellingtons bomb the city overnight.

Belgrade: The occupying Germans and Italians announce plans to dismember the nation into zones.

Baltic States: Jews in the newly occupied states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are ordered to wear yellow badges of identification by the Nazis.

Iceland: American troops land on the island to relieve the British garrison. Although the US has not yet entered the war Washington is taking steps to make the North Atlantic safer for British shipping.

Egypt: The Battle of El Alamein, between Allied and Axis forces in North Africa continues to rage.

Eastern Front: The town of Vitebsk, on the border with Belarus and Russia falls to invading Nazi forces. 300,000 Soviet prisoners have now been taken since the Germans attacked the previous month.

Since the Nazi invasion of the USSR in June, 300,000 Soviets have already been taken. Very few will ever see the motherland again.

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