Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Glen Beck Craving Controversy

Norwegian youths being all Nazi like at the Utoya camp in Norway, the day before the massacre.

Most of my readers know my views on the likes of Glen Beck, I believe he is nothing more than an attention grabbing, ratings driven eccentric who will say whatever he can to generate controversy for his own purposes, not matter how hurtful or inappropriate it is. That said I don't feel like ignoring his most recent rant where he likens those attending the Utoya political camp in Norway to the Hitler Youth, a little insensitive I would say, four days after 67 of them were brutally murdered by a right wing fanatic. Below is the clip.


Anna said...

I wrote an article on the situation in Norway! Check it out, http://theyouthinformer.com/2011/07/24/oslobombings/

Ted Leddy said...

Thanks Anna

Good article !

Keep in touch.