Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Photo of the Day

Another beautiful image of a Howth sunset. Whenever I see a fishing trawler being pursued by seagulls I always think of that interview with French footballer Eric Cantona that just made no sense.

And just for the craic, here it is.


Gary said...

That is a truly beautiful picture Ted.

Anonymous said...

its just a statement of fact. They DO follow the boats because they think theres some sardines. He couldnt be more clearer. Check out him justifying that statement years later on johnathan ross. If I was any good at providing links I would!


Ted Leddy said...

Thanks Gary

I like photography but I don't have a decent camera right now. Most of my "photo of the Day" pictures come from my iphone. I would like to have something better to put up.

Ted Leddy said...


I haven't seen his interview with Ross but I always assumed he was comparing the journalists to seagulls.