Monday, August 29, 2011

Gadaffi's False Victimhood

Mary Fitzgerald of The Irish Times broke this story last Friday. I am amazed that it has not made a bigger impact in the international media. Perhaps it still will. Fitzgerald claims to have found evidence that Col Gadaffi's step daughter Hana, who the world believed was killed as an infant when President Reagan ordered the bombing of Gadaffi's Tripoli compound in 1986, is in fact alive and well. Gadaffi has gotten a lot of mileage over the years from this episode, famously preserving the part of his compound that was damaged in the Air Strike, and using it to stage defiant anti American demonstrations. A powerful symbol it was, until the sight last week of anti Gadaffi rebels climbing all over it. Gadaffi frequently made reference to the death of his step daughter, even as recently as a few months ago when he said, "what would President Obama do if a Libyan agent assassinated his daughter". Col Gadaffi was an exceptionally competent dictator. His record (1969-2011) speaks for itself. I believe that if you want to be a successful dictator you need three things, ruthlessness, charisma and the ability to make things difficult for those in the international community that want to oppose you. Gadaffi was brilliant at the latter. I firmly believe that Gadaffi said and did things on a regular basis, that had one specific objective, to provoke a reaction from the left in Europe and America in an effort to make it harder for western nations to confront his tyranny. To this end I believe he was very much in tune with domestic events in Britain and America and understood the nature of the left right debate in the west. He knew the figures involved and knew what to say or do in order to get them on his side. Of all the post war dictators, he was simply the best at manipulating western public opinion to his advantage. Therefor the death of his step daughter was propaganda gold.

When a dictator falls his dark and dirty little secrets inevitably come out. It now appears that the tragic death of his step daughter was a fabrication designed to garner international sympathy for him as a victim of western military aggression. Documents found in his compound have included Hana's school records, college degree as well as details of her assets. The mad dog of the Mediterranean played this sinister lie while ruthlessly suppressing his own people as he sponsored terrorists all over the world including in Ireland, Europe and most unforgivably of all in my view, in Uganda where he financed the blood lust of the LRA, the worlds most gruesome murder gang. Gadaffi is gone, but there will always be shame shame shame on all those "Irish Republicans", Marxist activists and other anti western liberals who bought into the Gadaffi persona and secretly or otherwise worshipped him.

Below is a clip of Reagan addressing the American people shortly after ordering the bombing of Tripoli in 1986.


Anonymous said...

Strange how this daughter didn't turn up in Algeria! Why did you remove my earlier comment Leddy, surely you don't condemn claims to victimhood solely when 'Muslims' are involved, do you?

And why did you remove the wikileaks cable that condems the Jewish state as a hotbed of human traffiking, fraud and money laundering? What are you trying to hide?

Ted Leddy said...


I deleted it because it was racist. Your time contributing to this blog has run its course. Unless you are prepared to sign in, identify yourself and refrain from anti semetic remarks, all future coments of yours will be banned. They are my terms.

Anyone who is pro Palestinian, whether they be Arab, leftist, Centrist or Conservative Muslim, is most welcome to contribute to discussions on Gubu World. There is very little that I am not prepared to discuss. But sectarianism, racism or anti semitism will not be entertained.

Anonymous said...

Now there's a story that died a death, wonder why??? Not the case of false victimhood you claimed it seems and yet you delete a legitimate comment about true cases of false victimhood, here's a few to remind readers: