Wednesday, September 14, 2011

70 Years Ago Today 14/09/41

Occupied Europe: Hitler's order that all Jews in German occupied Europe wear a yellow Star of David comes into effect.

Tehran: Following a joint Soviet British invasion of Iran, Reza Khan Pahlevi, the pro German Shah (king) has been forced to abdicate. He is replaced on this day by his 22 year old son Mohammad Reza who will rule Iran (almost uninterrupted) until the Islamic revolution of 1979.

Northern Russia: After the British Carrier Argus arrived at Archangel on September 10th with two squadrons of Hurricanes the RAF have begun operation on Russian soil for the first time since they were sent to Russia in 1919 in an attempt to strangle Communism in its cradle. Now however, the communists and the British are fighting on the same side against the Nazis. The British pilots will mostly be training the Red Air Force in use of the British planes. The Red Army is desperate for superior air power as the Nazis continue their ferocious onslaught into the Soviet Union.

British and Soviet pilots sit and chat next to a Hurricane, whilst awaiting the inevitable order to scramble. Not the Red Army guard.

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