Friday, September 16, 2011

If Obama hates Israel

In the wake of recent worrying events in Cairo where it looked like Israel and Egypt's 32 year peace treaty might be coming to an end, the Daily Dish asks a very important question, If Barack Obama hated Israel, why would he do this ?. Below is a clip of a speech by
former Director of the Mossad Efraim Halevy who articulately explains how the anti semetic President, the Commander in Jew hating Chief himself Barack HUSSEIN Obama came to the rescue of several Israeli diplomats who were under siege at the Israeli embassy in Cairo last week.

Obama's hatred of Israel is of course a work of fiction. But since last weeks congressional election in which the seat vacated by disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner in the staunchly Democratic New York's 9th District was taken by a Republican, many commentators have been writing about how Jewish American have finally woken up to Obama's hostility to Israel. The 9th Congressional District has a large Jewish population, much of it Orthodox, leading many to speculate that Obama is losing the Jewish vote because of his Israel policies. Obama may be losing the Jewish vote due to Israel, but if he is, it is because of image and perception, not reality. In addition to the above instance in Cairo, the Obama administration has also approved more military aid to Israel than any other President. So I ask again, if Obama hates Israel, why would he do this?


Gary said...


Politics is a mean, rough business. If the Republicans can point to actions which appear hostile toward Israel and thereby strip Obama of a few Jewish votes, they will do it.

Personally, I do not think Obama hates Israel and your pointing to these actions certainly supports that -but, that said, I believe he has done things (like the call to return to the '67 borders) which show that he is to inexperienced or too naive in some important areas. He makes mistakes and takes the wrong advice from some advisers who clearly have agendas of their own.

You have praised his foreign policy in the past and here again I have to point out that while he has taken a few actions which are praiseworthy, he has also made some serious blunders. His failure to confront Iran effectively on nuclear power may very well cost all of us dearly, especially Israel. Also, his failure to hold China to task for actions such as the continued cyber attacks and resulting loss of important technology could result in very real problems in the not so distant future.

I would very much like to see Obama go -but the question is "Who will replace him?" and so far I am not too excited about the Republicans in that race....

Politics very rarely leaves us with great choices and clear answers.


Paul said...

Cracking result this morning Ted! Defo worth nursing the usual saturday morning over!

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Ted Leddy said...


Not bad was it. It's a sign of a top team when they turn it on when it really counts. The scrum in particular was brilliant. It is now not unrealistic to think of Ireland getting to the final.

The System Works said...

My view of the recent electoral upset for the Dems is similarly that its not about Israel for the most part. Like Scott Brown's victory in Democratic Massachusetts, its a vote on the economy and Obama's reckless economic policies.

Paul said...

Oh TSW, we were talking Rugby and you have to go and spoil it! Good point though.

Ted Leddy said...


Thanks for your articulate comment.

Apologies for the delay in responding. I have been out celebrating a particular sporting event which I will shortly post about.

There is one thing I have learned from Northern Ireland. If you want to contribute positively to bringing about peace, you have to be prepared to upset both sides. Keeping this in mind, I do not believe it was a mistake for Obama to call for Israel to return to its origionl borders even if it is not viable for them to do so. Israeli settlement policy is about undermining the future viability of a Palestinian state and should be opposed, as it has been by every US administration since Nixon.

I think it is very difficult to know how he has handled the Iranian threat, because most anti Iranian activity in the US is at this stage being done in a covert fashion. We may never know, which would be fine with me as long as the outcome is positive.

On China, I know from reading "Gary's Reflections" that this is an issue you feel strongly about. I don't know enough about it to be honest. But I will say this, when I think of how the western world has been weakened by the global recession all the while as China rises, and then read these stories of cyber warfare, it genuinely gives me the creeps.

Ted Leddy said...


I agree.