Monday, September 26, 2011

Photo of the Day

Sorry for the lack of posts folks. Like all of us these days I am just quite busy with work and personal stuff and am finding it difficult to make time for posts. I will endeavor to be more efficient with my time. Anyhow, my latest photo sees me meeting controversial Presidential candidate David Norris just after the match in Croke Park last Sunday week. He is not my candidate, but moments after the Dublin victory I could have met Jack the Ripper and I would have given him a hug and a kiss.


Anonymous said...

brilliant photo Ted, you both look deligh ted to see each other. Whats Enda Kenny doing canvassing with David Norris?


Rob Harris said...

Ted, do you know if that was a copy of the er... "legal advice" in Norris' hand? :D

longtallmo said...

What an honour for David.

Ted Leddy said...

Thanks Eoghan

I don't know who the guy beside Norris (that looks like Enda kenny) is but he follows Norris absolutely everywhere.

Ted Leddy said...


Good one. Or perhaps it is the missing letters.

Ted Leddy said...


He did seem overwhelmed to meet me !