Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm back (sort of)

Hi all. I am truly sorry for my latest and longest hiatus to date. The demise of Gubu World has been greatly exaggerated (where does that particular phrase originate from?). The simple truth is I have been exceptionally busy in recent months. My absence has nothing to do with a loss of enthusiasm for the blogosphere. If anything, it killed me to be offline during recent dramatic events such as the demise of the Mediterranean Mad Dog, the Irish Presidential election with all its eccentricities, and the current rumours that Israel's patience with the International community has run out regarding a nuclear Iran and that an air strike is imminent. These are all issue which I will blog about in the very near future.

The gruesome demise of Col Gadaffi is one of the issues I missed during by absence

My absence can be explained by a combination of what I previously had thought were my final law exams (October) ,the Dublin West by election (November) of which I was heavily involved in and my role in the family business which as of recent weeks has involved a lot of travelling around Ireland. I am actually writing this in a Guesthouse in Clonakilty Co Cork. One advantage (blogwise) of my journeys around the country, is the "photo of the day" opportunities that arise. Just today I passed through Beal Na Mblath, the village were Michael Collins was assassinated in 1922. However as all us bloggers know, time is the real enemy and my work schedule between now and Christmas will make it difficult for me to post regularly but I will try very hard to publish two posts and several photos a week. Please be patient with me, particularly when it comes to responding to comments.