Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kim Jong Il Dead

North Korea is the most repressive regime in the world. It's poisonous ideology of totalitarian Marxism has infected the nation to such a degree that the country and its people are in fact suffering from a national mental illness as evidenced by the creepy scenes below of the citizens of Pyongyang mourning the death of their beloved leader. These people are of course unaware that the man they worshipped was the most deluded and evil scumbag on the face of the earth, literally. Lets hope his death can result in some kind of instability that results in a peaceful liberalisation of the communist state.

By the way I am back, for real this time. You can expect daily blogging from now on (although I will be away attending a friends wedding on the 29/30) and throughout 2012. Lets hope its just as bad a year for dictators as 2011 was.


Anonymous said...

Did you know he could walk at 7 weeks, and talk at 8 weeks. He completes a round of golf in 18, one shot per hole. The man was a ledgend!


The System Works said...

Hopefully one of the more well traveled and European-educated children or grandchildren will open up North Korea to free markets, stop the bombast and build good relations with North Korea's neighbours.

Sean said...


Maybe he had a complex, a bit like the guy called Sue!

Are you coming over to Inchicore for the trad music, first Friday of the month?

Sean McMahon

Ted Leddy said...


On the one hand it is funny, but in truth, such things could only be believed in a cult. And that is what North Korea is, a national cult.

Ted Leddy said...


Your hope is unlikely to come about. But we live in a strange world and stranger things have happened.

Ted Leddy said...


Good point but even "a boy named Sue" came to terms with his father.

Would love to get out there on Friday for the session, if I don't make it, I'll make sure to make an appearance one Friday.

Anonymous said...

What is a 'national cult' Ted?