Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hitting Back

Newt hits back at Mitt in this latest negative add in the Republican race. Newt Gingrich spent much of the last two weeks complaining about Mitt Romney's negative adds in Iowa and New Hampshire. Well the gloves appear to be well and truly off now. The main issue from all of this as I see it is that if Romney gets the nod, which is highly likely, it is very difficult to imagine Newt or his supporters enthusiastically campaigning for him.

I am working on a detailed post about my impressions of the Republican primaries. Watch out for it tomorrow.


GW said...

I would not necessarily make that jump. Politics are indeed strange, particularly over here. Actually, Reagan's first successful run for the Republican nomination, one of his most vocal critics famously called Reagan's trickle down economic theory "voodoo economics." It was a big talking point among the left during the general election campaign, when Reagan and his VP pick, George Bush - the man who made the comment - ran against Carter.

As an aside, I think Newt's going completely down the wrong path on his attack. Romney's economic plan is timid. That should be Newt's line of attack.

Paul said...

Newt Gingrich is most unlikely to win an election due to his highly peculiar name. Weird names rarely get elected anywhere.

Ted Leddy said...


Fair point. I'm sure both parties have been through this situation many times before. But Newt strikes me as a man that will hold a grudge.

The Newt Vrs Mitt thing seems to me to be all about electability.

You understand the GOP better than me. Answer me this, do the Republicans have a better chance of winning the Presidency by having a fired up base (ie Newt) or by appealing to the center (ie Mitt).

Ted Leddy said...


I hope you're wrong. Otherwise there will never be a President Teddy Leddy.

builder man said...

In his latest attack Newt Gingrich
lambasts Romney for speaking French!
In the world's most expensive democracy, the appeal is to the world's most ignorant electorate.
Speaking French, instead of being seen as an accomplishment, is cited
as a detriment to the American Way.
Wasn't like that in Eisenhower's day.
A sure sign that the media has dumbed
down the public since. Oh for the
days of Ed. Murrow and 60 minutes!