Friday, January 27, 2012

A little bit too pro Israeli !

I really can't stand watching Republicans trying to out do each other in being more pro Israeli than the next candidate. This was the case at the Republican debate in Florida last night. Only Ron Paul tells the truth when he says that some Americans are more pro "Israeli than the Israelis". According to Next Gingrich the Palestinians are an "invented people" and that two hours after he becomes President he will issue an executive order moving the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The reason statements like these bother me is because it is the most blatant example one can ever imaging of a politician attempting to fire up their base by making outlandish remarks which in the event that they actually become president they would never be able to stand by. American national interest in the region is not all just about Israel. There happens to be an Arab Spring, a war in Afghanistan, an unstable Iraq not to mention an Iran on the verge of obtaining nukes. Good luck President Gingrich in dealing with all that when you don't have a single Arab Ally, which would be the case after Newt the Chief declares from the Oval office that the Palestinians are not a real people. Why can't Republicans be pro Israeli, yet pragmatic.


Gary said...


You're right on the mark but I kind of like old Newt. But, not to worry, I don't think he will be nominated. The honor of tackling Obama will go to Romney.


Ted Leddy said...

Hi Gary

Newt is an excellent debater. However I think he comes across at times as kind of nasty. I think the Republicans will opt for Mitt because Newt has so much baggage that the dems will be able to exploit. Newt is making a good case for why the GOP should overlook his weaknesses but I think they will be cautious and choose Romney.

Anonymous said...

I hope Newt is selected as it will leave Obama with a better chance of retaining