Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Racial Nonsense

Every chance he gets Newt Gingrich refers to President Obama as the food stamp President. And on every occasion that he does so he gets accused of making a racially charged remark. For my non American readers allow me to clarify that a food stamp is a welfare document for purchasing food only. Let me make clear, I don't believe Newt Gingrich is a racist but I do believe he deliberately uses the phrase "Food Stamp President" in the hope that he gets accused of being a racist because nothing generates publicity like an accusation of racism. It also fires up his base and others who sympathise. To be accused of being racist is a horrible thing and Mr Gingrich knows that it is a controversial issue that will get many Americans on his side. It suits Gingrich and others to reinforce the perception that criticising Obama is racist. However I have no memory of either President Obama or anyone in his administration ever playing the race card. Some bloggers and left wing commentators do because once again race is ratings gold. I believe it is primarily the media who inject race into politics which some politicians then exploit to their advantage. I really hope this doesn't begin to dominate the campaign. Watch Newt below being interviewed on MSNBC. Note his comment on the "automatic reference to racism".

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