Wednesday, January 25, 2012

State of the Reunion

I have seen most of Obamas State of the Union address in clips today. I have also seen much of the criticism from prominent Republicans and conservative pundits which was all rather predictable and boring. However one element of the criticism which I fully agreed with was the repetitive nature of this event. See the clip below which demonstrates this quite remarkably.


Rob Harris said...

One of the things that struck me about Obama during his presidential campaign was his rhetoric which seemed very very empty, all the talk of "change" etc. He was groomed for office by the dems almost from the day he was elected a senator in 2004. It was a deeply cynical thing to do IMO. I felt that having an inexperienced politician taking what is the most important office in the world was tantamount to insanity especially during a time of very serious difficulty.

Ted Leddy said...


I wouldn't quite agree in one respect. Other Presidents (Kennedy, Truman) have had little experience but went on to do great things.

Obama certainly does give lofty speeches but there is one area in which I think Obama has been much more that just talk. That is the war against Al Quaeda. The Bush administration went after Al Quaeda with a sledge hammer, Obama has used a knife. The latter has proved spectacularly more successful. UAV drones and special forces have decimated Al Quaeda. It also costs much less and causes little PR damage.

builder man said...

To Ted Leddy. 'All things are
connected.' - Chief Seattle of the
Suquamish tribe after whom the city
of Seattle, Washington State, is

Rob Harris said...

Hi Ted, I don't know much about Truman but I think Kennedy was elected a few times to the House of Representatives and the Senate.

I would agree Obama's foreign policy is far less problematic than Bush's but I'm not sure how much the drones policy is his own rather than that of the military but don't know much about that TBH.