Friday, February 10, 2012

Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day is back after a significant hiatus. Most of my upcoming Photos of the Day will be from my November/December period which I spent in the Cork Kerry area of Southern Ireland. I took this picture in the village of Sneem in Co Kerry. I was amazed to find out upon investigation that when Charles De Gaulle resigned the Presidency in April 1968 he retired to Co Kerry of all places. He spent four months in the tiny Kerry village spending his days taking long walks on the beach and working on his memoirs. He returned to France later that year before his death in 1970, aged 80.

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Anonymous said...

great to see photo of the day making its long awaited return. To say he retired to Kerry might be a bit off the mark, tho 4 months is a lenghtly stay. Imagine being the aul fella living next door to Charles de Gaulle!