Saturday, February 4, 2012

Who does George Soros like ?

I am fascinated in how negative associations and even unwanted endorsements can come into play in such a central way in US elections. Can someone explain to me why exactly George Soros is such a boogey man.


The System Works said...

He's a left-wing billionaire who funds a lot of left-leaning organisations, think-thanks and websites. Soros is seen by the right in the same way the left sees the Kochs. Although the funny thing is, the Occupy Wall Street crowd demonstrated against the Kochs by their New York City residence, as they did with other billionaires, yet completely ignored Soros (who is actually a Wall Street guy, the Kochs are in agribusiness). Soros was not so bad during the Cold War when he promoted a lot of good things behind the Iron Curtain. Now he promotes some very nasty ideas like a powerful single European Federal government. The power of his maneuvers has created a lot of scaremongering, as he's been characterized as a man who can collapse currencies and destroy countries for personal gain. It doesn't help that he's Jewish in this regard.Just look at Stormfront and so on.

GW said...

What system works said.

Indeed, the most ludicrous left wing screed is able to be heard in the U.S. not because of competition in the marketplace and large scale grass-roots support (Heritage, AEI), but because of extensive Soros funding of left wing organizations. Moreover, Soros and Obama have been linked since before the 2008 election. We have seen several acts from Obama that make no sense - unless you look at how much money Soros is making off of them. For instance, while Obama is crushing the oil industry in the U.S., he has gone whole hog in promising support for oil drilling in Brazil. That is expected to earn Soros, who is heavily invested in Brazil's drilling companies, nearly a billion dollars.

The Kock brothers give to a wide variety of libertarian and conservative causes, but to my knowledge, they are in no way having the impact on the U.S. that Soros is having. Perhaps they need to take a page from his book and start funding their own mouthpiece organizations.

Paul said...

Wonder who George Soros thinks will win the six nations? Surely a more important issue at present Ted. Speaking to my Welsh/Irish brother in law later sure he will find this afternoon interesting.

Ted Leddy said...


Yeh I had a general idea from wathcing O'Reilly and Hannity but I decided not to google him out of curiousity to see what the very learned readers of Gubu World would say.

Given his cold war record I am surprised he has become such an intense hate figure of the right to the extent that a telvised interview where he compliments Romney is used by the Gingrich team to slur Romney as a moderate. Then again, Gingrich released an add mocking Romney because he speaks French so I should hardly be surprised.

Ted Leddy said...


If the Soros connection to Brazilian drilling is as you say then it is at very least a case of a dubious and dangerous relationship between Obama and Soros and at worse a case of blatant corruption.

However, given the left leaning nature of the Brazilian government I would think it prudent to convince Brasilla to sell West rathern than East.

Political donations is always a murky business. The Irish parliament is currently considering legislation banning corporate (including Unions) donations to all political parties. Perhaps this is best.

Ted Leddy said...


I reckon Soros would be supporting the Italians. He seems to have a thing about the underdog.

Another self destructive performance by the Irish. I nearly crashed out the nearest window when Ferris made the spear tackle.