Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Xi Jinping in Ireland

No foreign dignitary can set foot in Ireland without the standard photo op with a Hurley stick.

China’s Vice President Xi Jinping has just concluded a three day trip to Ireland. The man expected to be China's next Premier as of 2013 stopped off in Ireland on the halfway point of his round the world trip, the first stage of which was in the USA. He is now in Turkey. It is being rumored that the reason Ireland is the only EU country that Xi has visited is because the Chinese intend to use Ireland as their gateway to the European market in a similar way that many Americans companies have done. Several trade agreements have already been signed. The enormous Chinese economy is currently growing at 9% a year. Wouldn't we like to get some of that.


Rob Harris said...

Ted, I agree, it would be nice to get a slice of that cake... BTW I noticed that the first day he visited the coverage on RTE's TV news said there was a protest when Enda spoke at a Fine Gael youth conference by sein Fein and Boyd-Barrett's lot (People Before Profit or United Left Alliance). I couldn't find anything about the story online for some reason. If true its interesting how they chose to protest Enda, which they could do pretty much anytime, rather than the visit of the forthcoming Chinese Premier!! Selective outrage much?

Ted Leddy said...


Sorry I am late on this. Great point on RBB. Another fraudulant stance by the ULA.