Wednesday, March 28, 2012

70 Years Ago Today 28/3/42

France: On this day 70 years ago today the left wing French Resistance group Franc-tireurs et partisans was formed in Paris.

New Delhi: On a visit to India the Lord Privy Seal Sir Stafford Cripps announces that India will be granted dominion status after the war. The offer appears to be conditional on continued Indian support for the war effort and was apparently vigorously opposed by Winston Churchill who only agreed to it after American pressure.

France: On this day 70 years ago perhaps the most audaciuos commando raid of the war was launched by the British against the German dry dock at St Nazaire in North West France. The British Destroyer the HMS Campbeltown was converted into an enormous delayed action bomb which rammed into the dock at 20 knots. Over 600 commandos then stormed the port sabotaging it with further demolitions. 169 commandos were killed and 200 were captured. The remaining commandos made it home on the smaller escort vessels that participated in the raid. When the charges on the Campbelltown finally exploded 12 hours later 380 Germans who were searching the ship were killed and the port remained unusable for enemy warships for the remainder of the war.

An artists impression of the St Nazaire raid which occurred on this day 70 years ago.


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