Thursday, April 5, 2012

EU Enlargement ???

I believe this ad promoting EU membership has caused a bit of controversy in Brussels this week. With Croatia now set to join the EU and other Balkan countries likely to follow the powers that be in Brussels have released this ad, possibly deliberately to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the the Balkan conflict, to promote the perception that a strong united European Union can act as a bulwark to China, India and Africa. What do the learned readers of Gubu World think?


Steven Karmi said...

I won't hold the EU in Brussels or Strasbourg responsible for this...but, it does resonate with a notion of Europe as up-a-creek-in-a-kayak-and-​oarless. This is their justification for unity? And this is how they promote it? Or, is this just fetid fuel for the masses? A government of unelected bureaucratic uber-heroes, virtuoso's in wisdom and free from any need to resort to violence...even against the most savage or antagonistic warrior. KANT AS CARTOON.

Ted Leddy said...

Hello Steve

Thanks for your comment. I agree. This seems like a rather negative message from the EU. It's popularity among its citizens has plumeted since the financial crisis. Perhaps resorting to these tactics is an attemt to reverse this trend.