Sunday, May 6, 2012

Anders Behring Breivik, videos that Analyse and interpret

The Anders Behring Breivik trial is fascinating. Perhaps more interesting is the interpretation of the the man and his crimes by the general public. Lets have a look at the following three videos which are definitely worth your time. Stick with them. First is Breivik's 13 minute manifesto which he emailed to hundreds of people the morning he began his savage attack. In this video youtube commentator Pat Condell articulates, as only he can, his views on Breivik. In this clip he covers the atrocity and his views on criticism of Islam which he exonerates from any blame for the Breivik attack. And finally, in this unmissable clip a psychologist named kevin Dutton analyses Brevik on the George Galloway radio show. His analysis which I agree with is brilliant. It is interesting how his intelligent conclusions clearly irritate Galloway.


builder man said...

Psychology is a fascinating study, i.e. what urges a person to think and act in a particular way. I was fortunate to grow up with a value system that respected all life, animal and human, with respect for other cultures and a desire for justice. Where did that come from? Not much parentally but mainly from our then sole broadcaster, free of consumerism, the BBC. The deterioration in our society has a direct correlation with the increase in the levels of advertising,the obscene obsession with ratings in order to sell products. All product advertising, with the tremendous technical power of the media, is designed to do one thing. To make us dissatisfied with what we already have, even of our own levels of self esteem. Little wonder that crackpots like Breivik emerge. While they may have ideas formulated elsewhere, the inadequacies which drive them to violent acts are stimulated by envy at the apparent success of the personality cults and the highly advertised consumerism that supports them. Kevin Dutton was obviously too scared (financially) to take this into account.

builder man said...

I've done a bit of research on Pat Condell and he appears to be in need of treatment himself. Islamaphobia in excess.Anyone from any religion that preaches hate should be prosecuted and Islam has a minority in that category. But Condell fits that category himself with the level of invective against people like myself who believe in justice and self determination for the Palestinians. There is a record of a disturbed childhood which may explain it. But I believe he is genuinely seeking a path (he became a vegetarian), he just hasn't had the courage yet to overcome the obstacles to enlightenment. It's very easy to shout with the crowd. I hope he educates himself with more knowledge of Palestinian history and legitimate aspirations.

The System Works said...

Builder Man: That has to be one of the dumbest comments I've ever read. So there was no violence before the age of mass commercial television, was there?

The fact that you would praise the idea of a single national broadcaster over freedom of choice just proves what a totalitarian mindset you really possess. Its intentions such as yours, I'm afraid, that lead to Bolshevism, Hitlerism and Islamism.

builder man said...

To The System Works.The point you're missing is that the sole national broadcaster had to adhere to a set of principles, i.e. to inform, educate and entertain. If you are informed and educated from an early age, your entertainment will be of a broad scope and of the finest quality, and you will develop into a mature adult with a sense of responsibility to others. The rise in crime was REVERSED from 1946-55 ( when the BBC monopoly ended.) See
'The brains of criminals have developed differently.'See www.
'Healthy brain development.' See
'Advertising is the tool that the dominant elite employs to promote agendas and maintain the status quo.' See www.
Remember that ignorance maims and ignorance kills, whether it is the fanatical jihadist who blows himself up and 100 others because he/she believes it is God's will, or the Christian Evangelist who
fanatically supports Israel's pernicious crimes because it will hasten the return of the Messiah.
I am a libertarian and believe in personal freedom. That freedom is imperilled by ignorance. Once ignorance is regarded as a crime,
punishable only with education, then
a sensible course of action can be determined, i.e. ensuring that ALL
young minds receive an education that develops the positive, life enhancing and progressive aspects of the brain. One way is to see that the dominant media influence is committed to inform and educate, free of government and commercial pressures. Freedom of choice to permeate ignorance is the totalitarian option,ensuring a constituency of morons.

Paul said...

'I am a libertarian and believe in personal freedom. That freedom is imperilled by ignorance. Once ignorance is regarded as a crime,
punishable only with education, then
a sensible course of action can be determined, i.e. ensuring that ALL
young minds receive an education that develops the positive, life enhancing and progressive aspects of the brain. One way is to see that the dominant media influence is committed to inform and educate, free of government'

Frankly amazing and like TSW says your earlier comment is crazy too. But look at the example quoted, in it you prove conclusively that you are NOT a libertarian. The giveaway is the part where you reveal your blind faith in statism. I mean paying for a state broadcaster under threat of imprisonment as we do in the UK, yeah really libertarian.

Oh and lets be clear the BBC is left wing, pro EU, pro Islam, pro AGW shite. Numerous former beeboids have testifies to that end.

Ted Leddy said...

Builder man

I too find your comment very odd. I understand you have a hard left view on many things and thats fine. But to suggest that decent values need to be instilled in us all by a state broadcaster is kinda creepy. Personally, I believe in letting people live their own lives and that includes letting them make their own mistakes. Of course life is dificult and we will all make mistakes. But hopefull good friends and family will help us along. Unlike some contributors to this blog I don't have a real problem with the BBC. I have a particular dislike of crass ratings driven media. But I utterly reject the concept that we need state controlled media to help us all feel good about ourselves so we don't get greedy and commit crimes. Personal integrity does not come from the state or the media. It is worth noting that all the great tyrannies of history, communism, fascism and religious fanaticism all have one thing in common. They all believed they could perfect humanity, which sounds like what you want to do.

Ted Leddy said...

By the way,

I have no idea why my blog has become all bent out of shape. I'm trying to fix it.

builder man said...

To Paul. I do not agree with making non-payment a criminal offence.

builder man said...

To Ted Leddy. The BBC is NOT a State broadcaster. It was set up as a public corporation with producers given independence to produce programmes - a broad church.The BBC's duty is to offer opinions that severely criticise the gov.which they do continually. Most gov. MP's do not like the BBC. Bastards like Tony Blair have tried to control it. He is gone, the BBC continues.I agree it would be far better if they did not have to rely on the gov. to set the licence fee. You and others have misunderstood my position. I have not suggested a monopoly but a dominance for these reasons. Broad and comprehensive education from an early age helps develop the brain to its fullest ability, not only liberating the person but having a beneficial effect on society. Science also tells us that criminal brains develop differently because of the lack of that early education.This week a 94 year old woman was severely beaten in her own home. There are countless other examples of moronic behaviour. What is your solution to stop that or can you not empathise with the victims of crime?

builder man said...

To Ted Leddy. I do not have a hard left view (whatever that is!), I have a view based on my life experiences and comprehensive reading over 60 years. For instance I would bring back transportation (to South Georgia) for violent crimes. Communing with the penguins for a few years would be a life changing experience to everyone's (mostly the criminals) benefit.

The System Works said...

builder man:

PBS was set up in the United States for the purpose of providing the things you see as the duty of the public broadcaster, and intelligent programming that they felt would not be provided by the commercial sector.

Today, PBS has been left in the shadows by the the likes of the commercial station HBO, which has produced some of the highest quality drama and comedy in television history in the last decade or so, from The Sopranos and The Wire to Curb Your Enthusiasm. The BBC hasn't produced a drama of the quality of these shows in decades.

In Ireland, the land of Synge and Yeats, the public broadcaster has produced no great drama series of note.

The private sector tends to deliver the goods.

However, I had an encounter with Steve Davies of the Institute of Economic Affairs recently, who has some interesting proposals on television (if somewhat un-libertarian). He thinks it might be an improvement for advertising to be banned on television and have channels funded purely by subscription. I kind of like the idea myself.