Tuesday, August 21, 2012

HMS Barham Sinking

I came across this spectacular and horrifying footage which I had to post. On the 25th of November 1941 the HMS Barham was attacked in the Medditaerranean by a German submarine. It was hit by three torpedoes which sunk the battleship. Just before the great ship sank an almighty explosion ripped through her, taking 862 of her crew to their deaths. There were 449 survivors. The explosion was filmed by a British cameraman on a near by ship. The second World War was of course a worthy war. But it was also the worst conflict in all of human history. That should never be forgotten.


Anonymous said...

That was stunning.

Ted Leddy said...

It certainly is shocking !

Paul said...

I think the Royal Navy in many respects did not come out of the Second World War with the same kudos as the other branches of Britain's armed forces did. It generally had a tough time but whilst it did contribute significantly it doesn't quite seem in terms of what's in the history books; to occupy the same pedestal as either the RAF (Battle of Britain) or the Army (El Alamein, Normandy, Burma etc).

I've often wondered if this is because it was dwarfed not just by the US Navy but also its historical legacy, there was never a chance of the likes of Trafalgar being repeated. Also it was behind the scenes in some respects, it was fear of British submarines that led the German Navy to abandon Operation Sealion. It was also said submarines that indirectly led to victory in North Africa through sinking Rommel's convoys. But such things are never as sexy to report and glamorise for mass consumption compared to say a big tank battle or a few dashing plucky pilots.

Ted Leddy said...


Interesting point. It seems the naval campaigns of WW2 were percieved as lesss glamorous than the Air War. I suppose ater Tarranto and pearl Harbour the perception increased that in terms of fighting, the Navy would be taking a back seat and doing lots of the donkey work instead. I watched that wonderful movie "The Cruel Sea" recently. It illustrates very effectively the unbelievable hardships the men of the British Navy went through during the 6 long years of war.