Sunday, September 9, 2012

Foreign Policy and the Democrats

I thought the John Kerry speech last Thursday was the most interesting one of the Democratic convention. Foreign Policy is where my main interest lies in any event but I do think the Kerry speech has wider implications for American political tradition. Watch if you haven't already and I will explain below.

Mitt Romney has been criticised this week for not mentioning the troops or Afghanistan during his address at the Republican convention in Tampa. The Democratic convention in contrast was full of patriotic tributes to the troops and praise of Obamas foreign policy. Even Brit Hume of Fox News said that Romney had left himself vulnerable by not lauding the troops and that the Democrats capitalised on this very effectively. And now all polls show that Obama beats Romney comfortably on foreign policy. With Obamas successes in the war against Al Quaeda and the war in Libya the question merits being asked, have the democrats wrestled the foreign policy portfolio away from the Republicans for the first time since the Harry Truman era? Is foreign policy now a strength of the democrats and a weakness for Republicans?

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