Thursday, September 6, 2012

Live Blogging DNC 2

Good Night !!!

4:02am. Second half of Obamas speech much better than the opening 10 minutes.

3:55am. Obama to the troops - "You did that", You did that" You did that"

3:43am. Obama -  Our committment to Israel must remain unshakeable, so must our committment to peace.

3:27am. Obama sounding particularly scripted, more so than Biden, Kerry or Clinton.

3:20am. Obama montage being played with contributions from Biden, Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama.

3:14am. On Fox News Brit Hume says that Romney left himself wide open to attack by not paying tribute to the troops during his prime time address. Dems have capitalised on this effectively.

Aine Kerr's view of Joe Bidens speech

3:02am. Biden "American is coming back and we're not going back", I'm confused !

3:00am. Come on it's 7pm on the west coast. Let's here from the Prez.

Come on Joe rap it up !

2:52am. Biden - "Osama Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive"

2:47am. Biden - "Barack understood that getting Bin Laden was about more than getting a monster, it was about righting a wrong"

2:42am. Biden - Romney saw GM the Bain way

2:39am. Biden speech being covered live by Sky News, FOX, CNN and Aljazeera.

2:35am. Nothing personal against Biden but this speech is so full of sap I just can't stand it any longer.

It hasn't gone away you know

2:19am. Corny Joe Biden video being played.

2:16am. Fox panel expecting Biden speech to be all about what it's like to witness Obama from close up.

2:14am. Jill Biden introducing the Vice President.

Delegates hold up ThankYou signs during a tribute to the troops. Dems clearly trying to capitalise on the fact that Romney didn't thank the troops during his address in Tampa last week.

2:04am. CNN panel discussing possible tensions between Obama and Biden over the latters gaffs.

1:55am. Bill O'Reilly on the Factor, "John Kerry auditioning for Secretary of State".

1:50pm. John Kerry praising Obama intervention in Libya and ridiculing Romney's varied stance on it. Kerry - "Mr Romney, before you debate Obama on Foreign Policy you should have a debate with yourself".

1:46am. Kerry - President Obama eradicated more Al Quaeda leadership in 3 years than previous administration did in 8.

1:41am. Senator John Kerry praising Obamas Foreign Policy.

1:33am. Former Republican Governeror (now a Democrat) of Florida says "I did not leave the Republican Party, it left me". That has gotta sting !

1:20am. Eva Longoria on the podium talking about her working class roots.

1:13am. Pierse Morgan interviewing Obamas half sister Maya Soetoro. She says Michelle is the source of his strength.

1:11am. Caroline Kennedy and her son being interviewed backstage by CNN.

1:08am. Karl Rove on the O'Reilly Factor claims that there is a war on religion that is "masquerading as expanding freedom of choice".

1:05am. Bill O'Reilly "stunned" that Caroline Kennedy claimed that "as a Catholic" she is appalled by some abortion restrictions.

1:02am. "Healthcare" and "reproductive rights", what else !

1:00am. President Kennedy's daughter Caroline takes the podium to make the case for Obamas reelection.

12:56am. Gabby Giffords, accompanied by Debbie Wasserman giving the pledge of alliegance. The affects of her brain injury still very clear a year and a half after she was shot.

12:47am. Actress Scarlett Johansson on the podium. I know the polls say otherwise but I really think the Dems could overdo it on womens rights and inadvertently send many female voters into the Romney camp. The economy is the number one issue in this election.

12:36am. Gabrielle Giffords to give the Pledge of Alliegence shortly on the podium a year and a half after suffering a gun shot wound to the head.

12:34am. Pierse Morgan interviewing actress Ashley Judd on the convention floor.

12:25am. The Foo Fighters are blasting out a few tunes.

This campaign ad was just played at the convention.

12:15am. Joe Biden nominated Vice President by acclamation.

12:13am. Joe Biden balling his eyes out. Man up dude !

12:12am. Only one network carrying the Beau Biden speech live.

12:09am. Beau Biden on stage prasing his Vice President Father. Didn't know he was the Attorney General of Delaware. Now he's praising the troops. He is also an Iraq vet.

The Tea Party are not too impressed by all the union representation at the DNC

11:02pm. Caroline Kennedy expected on the podium soon.

11:58pm. "Tribute to the auto workers of America" being played at the convention. Workers thanking President Obama for saving their jobs.

11:48pm. Video being played at the convention praising Obamas decision to endorse gay marraige.

11:42pm. Fox just played a clip of Senior Obama advisors David Axelrod and Valerie Jarett on CBS this morning claiming that Obama was unaware that "God" and "Jerusalem" had been taken out of the Democratic platform and that he personally intervened to have them reinstated.

11:35pm. Former Democratic Congresswoman Gabby Giffords  who was shot in the head last year in Arizona is on the convention floor for the first time this week.

11:19pm. Obamas speech tonight is taking place in the convention hall which holds 20,000 people. This is a late change of plan as he was supposed to be speaking in a nearby sports stadium which holds 80,000. Democrats are claiming that bad weather has forced the change. Charles Krauthammer on Fox News has just claimed that the real reason for the change is that the Dems realised it would be much more low key than his 2008 stadium speech and that this portray a lack of enthusiasm for Obama. Krauthammer claims they moved venue so it would be louded and have screwed 60,000 Democrat delegates in the process as their tickets are useless.

11:17pm. Main speakers tonight include 2004 Presidential candidate John Kerry, Vice President Joe Biden and President Obama.

11:15pm. Mary J Blige entertaining the crowd with some U2 (one love).

Irish journalist Aine Kerr is at the convention, picture above is her view.

11:05pm. Wolf Blitzer on CNN interviewing Vice president Biden's son Beau, currently talking about his time serving in Iraq.

11:02pm. Fox News panel still talking about "God" and "Jerusalem" being absent from the Democratic platform yesterday.

11:00pm. It's 11:00pm in Dublin, 6:00pm in Charlotte North Carolina and 3:00pm on the West Coast of the US. I am watching the Democratic Convention live on line and keeping an eye on CNN and Fox aswell.

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