Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Live Blogging the DNC

5:10am. It's 5:10am in Dublin, 12:10am in Charlotte North Carolina and 9:10pm on the West Coast of the USA and I am off to my bed.
Presidents Obama and Clinton embrace following the latters speech

Could the Bill Clinton speech overshadow Obama?

4:48am. Krauthammer - Clinton speech was a "missed opportunity" to give a "rousing speech for Obama". What speech were you watching Charlie?

4:45am. Krauthammer - "vintage Clinton" and "self indulgent".

A bit optimistic perhaps but I'm quite sure this Clinton speech will have an impact on the race.

4:39am. Fox's Chris Wallace on the convention floor concedes that Clinton speech will win people over. Charles krauthammer coming up next. This will be interesting.

4:37am. Fox panel universally praise Clinton speech, except for its length.

4:33am. John Kerry praising Bill Clinton speech on convetion floor during CNN interview.

That's Slick Willy for ya

4:26am. Bill Clinton's 50 minute speech by far the best of convention week.

4:24am. As Bill Clinton raps up his speech, Obama comes out for a hug.

4:20am. Clinton - Republicans will "double down on trickle down" economics.

4:15am. Sky News, Fox, CNN and Aljazeera all covering Bill Clinton's speech live.

4:12am. Clinton - "The claim that Obama weakened the welfare work requirement is just not true".

4:09am. Clinton getting slightly impatient with the giddyness of the crowd.

Bush's former Press Secretary makes an excellent point.

3:56am. Clinton getting teary eyed.

3:45am. I think Dick Morris was wrong when he said Bill Clinton definitely wants Obama to lose.

3:41am. Bill Clinton - "I never hated Republicans the way the far right who now controls that party hates our President".

3:38am. Crowd going wild for slick willie. Clinton claims that over the last 50 years Republican administrations have created 24 million jobs, Democratcs 42 million.

3:32am. Bill Clinton tribute video in advance of his speech and his nomination of Obama.

3:25am. Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren proving very popular with the crowd, good warm up for Bill Clinton.

3:18am. Fox News panel believe that Democrats have recognised that Romney is not popular with the Republican base and have therefore decided to try and excite their own base rather than appeal to the centre. Based on what I have seen tonight I would have to agree.

3:10am. Fox News panel is now Steve Hays, Joe Trippi, Brit Hume, Bret Baier and Meagan Kelly

3:05am. Sandra Fluke reminds the audience that Obama stood up for her in the face of bigoted comments (from Rush Limbaugh presumably), let's not mention that Bill Maher who donated $1m to Obama called Sarah Palin a dumb twat, didn't stop Obama taking the cash.

3:00am. Sandra Fluke speaking on stage now. "Women should not have to pay more than men for health insurance"

2:53am. Bo Biden, Vice President Joe Biden's son describes President Obama as an exceptional President during a CNN interview on the convention floor.

Michelle Malkin deciding not to hang around long after her Hannity interview.

2:46am. I must confess, I am seeing very little at this convention that I think would appeal to conservative democrats. Maybe Bill Clinton will change that. Expecting him up in the next 15 minutes.

2:45am. Former Bain Capital employee on the podium telling the crowd about how Romney fired him.

2:42am. Rob King of United Auto Workers Union on the podium now praising the President for rescueing the auto industry. I didn't realise America still had these old school union types knocking around.

2:38am. In my view it's quite risky for the Democrats to make womens rights such a prominant part of their convention. Some women may be insulted by the implication that women do not vote for economic reasons.

2:34am. A female General Motors worker is on the podium, thanking President Obama for saving her job.

2:26am. Right wing pundit Michelle Malkin is not a fan of Sandra Fluke, which is putting it extremely lightly. On Hannity now, she claims that the looney left wing have taken over the Democratic Party.

2:18am. Controversial Womens Rights activist  Sandra Fluke speaking next. This is the lady that Rush Limbaugh called a slut.

2:15am. Bill Clinton speaking at 3:00am Irish time, 10pm East coast time.

2:07am. The Rev Jessie Jackson on with Hannity. Nancy Pelosi on CNN.

Irish journalist Aine Kerr is outside the convention Charlotte.

2:02am. Sean Hannity on Fox saying that the "Democrats have booed God".

2:00am. Sean Hannity reporting that Obama personally intervened to have God and Jerusalem re-inserted into the democratic platform. That's the nicest thing Hannity has ever said about the President.

1:55am. Carl Cameron on Fox's O'Reilly Factor says that in an interview with Romney today the Republican candidate says that Obama is throwing "Israel under the bus".

Classic tweet from Anne Coulter.

1:46am. Nun gets a huge roar from the crowd when she says that healthcare is pro life.

1:44am. A nun is now on stage criticising the "Ryan Budget". Claims that her faith makes her believe that we must do more for the poor, presumably that includes the state.

1:37am. Governor Hickenlooper (where do they get these names) on stage talking about how many helped build his business. An obvious attempt at defending Obamas "you didn't build that" statement.

Hope Bill Clinton's speech tonight goes better than this one at the 1988 convention in which he got booed off the stage.

1:29am. Californian Senator Barbara Boxer being interviewed on CNN. Always liked her since I saw her on "Curb Your Enthusiasm".

1:18am. Eva Longoria (of Desperate Housewives) being interviewed by Pierse Morgan on CNN. Very articulate speaker. She's surprised me. Defending Obama, "definitely better for women and latinos".

1:15am. Planned Parenhood leader on stage defending abortion rights.

1:09am. Dick Morris, former Clinton advisor, speaking on the O'Reilly factor is totally convinced that Bill Clinton wants Obama to lose this election because Hillary has a better chance of winning in 2016 if Obama loses in 2012. the panel on CNN have expressed similar thoughts.

1:00am. It's the O'Reilly Factor on Fox. Bill starts off his talking points with the God and Jerusalem controversy.

12:56am. Bill Clinton speaking in about an hour, but in case you missed it, here is the Speech given by former President Jimmy Carter last night via a video link

12:50am. Shepard Smith on Fox discussing the row between Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman and the Israeli Ambassador to DC who claims that he never said Republican policies are dangerous for Israel.

12:33am. All network, including CBS which I now have access to are discussing Bill Clintons upcoming speech. Expecting lots of praise for Hillary, who is not at the convention.

12:24am. New democratic buzz phrase is building an economy from the "middle out" as opposed to the top down or bottom up.

12:21am. Pelosi - "being a woman is not a pre existing medical condition".

12:19am. Pelosi on the podium.

12:14am. Newsflash, it's official, "God" and Jerusalem are back in the democratic platform.
12:09am. Oh yes, CNN have Van Jones on as a pundit. This guy was obamas special advisor on green jobs until he was forced to step down when it emerged he was a 9/11 truther and that he used to boast proudly that he was a marxist.
12:05am. Some Charles Bronson lookalike union guy on the podium now. I really thought the Dems wanted to distance themselves from guys like these nowadays.
12:02am. Jack Markell the Democratic Governer of Delaware on the podium now. Claims Romney will marginalise minorities and women.
11:53pm. All channels are talking about the word "God" being left out of the Democratic platform, and the decision not to say that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel.
11:40pm. Former Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has entered the lions den at Fox News, being interviewed by Bret Baier. Has no real answer to the stats on bad economy.
This is my view. Red Bull, maltesers, Laptop and TV.

11:29pm. On CNN Pierse Morgan is interviewing Ted Kennedy's son and nephew as a continuation of last night's tribute to the late Senator. On Fox the discussion is on just how bad the relationship is between Presidents Clinton and Obama.

11:26pm. It's 11:26pm in Dublin, 6:26pm in Charlotte North Carolina and 3:26 on the West coast of the USA. I'll be here for the next 5 hours to blog about everything that happens at the Democratic National Convention as I see it.


Daniel said...

Go Ted! Go Ted!

Bernard Sheridan said...

Watching Bill now

The System Works said...

On 'Green Jobs': Obama's stimulus package gave 80 billion dollars to green corporations, 80% of whom were donors to his first presidential campaign. It has been an enormous loss to the taxpayer, marred by high-profile flops like Solyndra.

Governor Hickenlooper does not appear to be relation of Senator Bourke B. Hickenlooper, the great Senator from Iowa and one of my favorite politicians of the 20th century.

Anonymous said...

So, American football and politics in one week. I hope you can tell the difference. Jenny