Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I watched much of the Republican convention in Tampa last week. I enjoyed it. I thought the party hit the right note by focusing on the economy and refraining from over personalising their attacks on the President who remains popular with the American people. The question for this election is whether voters think the American economy is more likely to come roaring back under a Romney or Obama Presidency. Most swing voters believe the answer is Romney. If the Governor's campaign sticks to this line Romney has an excellent chance of becoming the next President. However Mitt Romney was overshadowed by others at the convention. The stars of the convention and in my opinion the futures of the Republican Party are as follows.

Governer Chris Christie of New Jersy. It's always impressive when a politician makes it in a traditionally hostile state. Christie has achieved the political persona that so many Republicans fail to do which is to be staunchly conservative yet immensely likeable. Ronald Reagan was the master at this.

The Vice Presidential candidate performed well and his line about young graduates that have moved back home and are now staring up at faded Obama posters in their bedrooms was the best line of the convention.

The Kentucky Senators decision to publicly and enthusiastically endorse Mitt Romney will ensure that most libertarians vote for Romney. You might think this a given but his father Congressman Ron Paul refused to do so which would have left many of his enthusiastic supporters considering not voting, or perhaps even voting for Obama. Rand's speech at the convention was a passionate, reasonable and articulate critique of big government policies.

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