Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I'm Back

Gubu World is back, after my longest hiatus to date. All amateur bloggers know that time is our biggest challenge. Most of us political junkies also have work, study, personal lives, social lives and our favorite TV shows to also make time for. However, I just missed blogging too much over the past year so I've decided on a new approach. I am bringing in other contributors to Gubu World to help with the load. From now on you will see regular posts from my brother Eoghan Leddy and an associate by the name of Garret Ledwith. Eoghan will mainly be writing about the madness that is the financial world, particularly in how it relates to Ireland and Europe. Garret will be a little bit of everything from culture to religion. I will be sticking to the Middle East, America and global politics. Don't be surprised if a little domestic Irish politics creeps in as well. As some of you may know I am a Fine Gael candidate in next May's local election, so watch this space. Here's to a fruitful years blogging. 


Cranky Notions said...

Welcome back!

Ted Leddy said...

Thanks John

I look forward to your robust analysis.

Gary said...

Welcome back Ted - I have missed your exellant blogging!